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  • Tue, November 16, 2021 3:32 PM | LezLi Logan (Administrator)

    Out of public view, utilities like PG&E are hoping to increase profits at the expense of California solar consumers. Utilities want to block competition from rooftop solar, monopolize energy to drive profits, and raise rates even faster, all while kicking clean energy and resilience goals down the road.

    The Save CA Solar Coalition wants to keep growing solar in California so more families, schools, and small businesses can keep harnessing clean power from the sun.

    Right now, a program called net metering is helping to expand the benefits of rooftop to more people and communities in California. Through net metering, people get credits on their own electricity bill if their rooftop solar puts electricity back on the power grid, making solar more affordable for them and adding more clean energy for the local communities.

    Proposals submitted by the big utilities would drastically reduce the credit solar consumers receive for the excess energy they produce and add a $65-$90 monthly solar penalty fee to their energy bills.

    By holding back rooftop solar, which is more efficient, the utility profit grab would cost California tens of billions over time and each ratepayer $295 a year.

    Visit the Save CA Solar Coalition website at to learn more and sign the petition.

  • Tue, November 16, 2021 3:26 PM | LezLi Logan (Administrator)

    Juristac (Huris-tak) lies at the heart of the ancestral lands of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band near Gilroy, California. For thousands of years, Mutsun ancestors lived and held sacred ceremonies at this location in the southern foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, above the confluence of the Pajaro and San Benito rivers.

    The cultural landscape encompassing Juristac is known today as the Sargent Ranch. An investor group based in San Diego purchased the land at a bankruptcy auction and is currently seeking to develop a 317-acre open pit sand and gravel mining operation on the property.

    The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band vehemently opposes the proposed mining project. They are asking the public to join them in standing for the protection of our sacred grounds.

    Visit the website at to learn more, sign the petition and sign up for updates.

  • Wed, March 20, 2019 12:42 PM | LezLi Logan (Administrator)

    We are grateful to Ruth Silver-Taube for telling us about this important issue in our community. 

    AB 403 is an important bill that would extend the statute of limitations for retaliation claims. We need your help to get this bill passed!

    In the current political climate, immigrant workers are often afraid to come forward with workplace retaliation claims, especially given, or due to lack awareness of, the short six-month statute of limitations. Workers are further misled because the deadline to file a wage theft claim through the Labor Commissioner is three years; workers often assume that it is the same for a retaliation claim. This legislation would eliminate the confusion and provide employees with a three-year period of time to file a retaliation claim. This would also allow workers additional time to find representation, file paperwork, and gathering evidence.  Please see attached Fact Sheet (link below) for more detailed info.

    Please take a few minutes to write a letter of support. Attached (see link below) is a sample letter you can use as a template. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at

    Thank you!

    AB 403 (Kalra) Fact Sheet - Retaliation Claims Deadline 02.06.19.pdf

    AB 403 - Letter of Support Template.docx

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