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formerly known as the Santa Clara County Democratic Club (SCCDC)

Issues We Care About

Since its inception, the Silicon Valley Democratic Club has championed many different specific pieces of legislation and/or ballot propositions. These efforts reflect our Club’s core values and the following issues of importance to Democrats. In keeping with our democratic principles, we welcome ongoing discussion with reasoned debate and expect some of these positions to evolve over time. It’s also important to acknowledge that not all members agree on every position, but at present a majority of our membership favor and/or support these positions.  The Silicon Valley Democratic Club Credo listed below is an extract from our club bylaws.

While our specific goals and issues will change from time to time, our major focus will be consistent with this Credo, as we support selected issues, programs, and candidates in our community.


The Silicon Valley Democratic Club is dedicated to the following progressive policies and programs:

    • To provide a grass-roots channel for the political and civic participation of members;

    • To protect the human and civil rights of all individuals;
    • To end food insecurity for all individuals;
    • To support the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the United States and around the world;
    • To end U.S. deportations, recognize migration as a basic human right, and provide a speedy path to citizenship for undocumented individuals and their families;
    • To reunify families separated due to racist immigration policies and provide necessary economic, medical, and mental health assistance to those who have been harmed by such cruel policies;
    • To protect our environment, stop climate change, and commit to climate justice;
    • To fight to end all gender discrimination, pass the Equal Rights Amendment, and ratify the CEDAW treaty;
    • To end sexual harassment, sexual assault and abuse, and intimate partner violence holding perpetrators accountable and treating victims with dignity;
    • To ensure that Black Lives Matter, and end racism and discrimination in all forms;
    • To support meaningful reparations for descendants of enslaved persons and for those individuals (and their descendents) victimized by colonization, racist exclusionary policies; and internment;
    • To fight violence and discrimination against trans, non-binary, and other individuals based on gender identity;
    • To recognize and end intersectional discrimination and hate-based violence in all its forms, including against Black trans individuals;
    • To end human trafficking and support its victims;
    • To stop police violence, hold perpetrators accountable, and reduce allocated funds for the police (“defund”) and redistribute those funds to social services especially mental health and substance abuse treatment and domestic violence prevention and survivor support;
    • To fight for healthcare as a human right, support Medicare for all, and ensure that it covers mental health, reproductive services, and addiction equally with other medical conditions;
    • To fight for the right to safe, decent, affordable housing for all individuals, including the un-housed;
    • To work for increased mass transit which will decrease reliance on fossil fuels and to end all government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry;
    • To support the right of every individual to a good paying job and to defend the right to collective bargaining for all workers, including those in the so-called “gig economy.”
    • To support high quality public pre-K-12 education and fight for free public college or other education for all individuals;
    • To support the right of all individuals to paid family leave;
    • To demand full equality and accessibility in every aspect of life for disabled individuals, including education, employment, housing, medical care, and transportation;
    • To demand that policies are based on rigorous empirical evidence and to defend and promote scientific research;
    • To oppose the Supreme Court opinion in the case of Citizens United, and the corrupting role of unlimited corporate political contributions and dark money in politics;
    • To fight to reform the federal courts to limit the impact of the unqualified and far-right conservative judges and Justices appointed by Donald Trump;
    • To hold members of the Trump Administration accountable for any crimes committed while in power;
    • To protect democratic institutions and fight voter suppression;
    • To demand an end to war and ensure the prosecution of war crimes whether domestic or abroad;
    • To use any privilege we may possess as individuals or as a group to stand up for the values enumerated in this Credo and to refuse to be bystanders.

Silicon Valley Democratic Club™
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FPPC ID# 1288723  •  FEC ID# C00419028 

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