Silicon Valley Democratic Club (SVDC)

formerly known as the Santa Clara County Democratic Club (SCCDC)

Club Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

Committees are established by the Executive Board as required to manage specific aspects of the club’s operation and mission. Committees operate under the direction of the Executive Board and are chaired by club members, who are expected to report committee activities to the Executive Board on a regular basis.

To sign-up to participate in and volunteer for any of our club committees, please complete the form HERE.

Issue & Endorsement Committees

Endorsements: Analyzes political races to recommend to the general membership which candidates and ballot propositions that the Club should endorse. Also recommends amounts to be donated to endorsed candidates. Chair: At-large Board Member Fred Rehhausser

Environmental: Focuses on Environmental issues and relevant legislation and keeps Club informed on both. Co-Chairs: Hoi Poon & Suds Jain

Women’s Caucus: The Women’s Caucus Committee advocates for policies that address gender disparities and actively supports the political engagement of women. Chair: Vice President Jennie Hutchinson

Administrative Committees

Communications: Responsible for club communications, marketing, print and digital publicity, including the "Democratic Voice" newsletter, club website and social media activities. Chair: At-Large Board Member  Co-Chairs: Jeff Levin & Lezli Logan

Events: Recommends and coordinates date, time, location, activities and theme for the Club’s summer event (usually in August) and holiday party in December. Co-Chairs: At-large Board Member Jeff Orloff and Jenny Bradanini

Finance: Manages the Club finances, collects dues, membership applications and donations, pays bills, files FEC and reports. Provides a monthly and annual report to the Executive Board and Membership. Chair: Treasurer William Barrett

Fundraising: Responsible for raising funds for club operations and program expenses, as well as charitable and candidate contributions. Chair: At-large Board Member Michele Dauber

Meetings: Prepares for and closes out the monthly General Meeting. Ensures that location details, agendas, audio, video, screen, laptop, tables, chairs, etc. are available and in place. Staffs the “welcome table” at the door to collect visitor names, etc. and prints, distributes, collects and organizes member name badges. Chair: At-large Board Member Belinda Stow

Membership: Solicits and welcomes new members. Holds hospitality meetings/events for new and trial members with club officers. Chair: TBD

Nominations: This committee is formed each September to recommend to the general membership a slate of candidates for Executive Board officers and members at large. 

Program: Selects and makes arrangements for proposed speakers and topics for the monthly general meetings. Chair: Vice President Jennie Hutchinson

Specific Volunteer Opportunities

Calendar Administrator - this volunteer manages the Progressive Partners calendar listings for SVDC. Evaluates submissions of events from other groups via our online form and adds them to the calendar as well as forwarding info to our social media admins.  Contact At Large Board Member:  Jeff Levin

Club Photo Curator & Photographer - Love photography?  These volunteers are responsible for taking photos of our speakers, members, meetings and events as well as selecting key photos for display on our website and social media accounts.  Great for friends to work on together!  Contact At Large Board Member:  Jeff Levin

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