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  • San José City Council Candidates - District 6

San José City Council Candidates - District 6

  • Mon, October 16, 2023
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Online Via Zoom


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San José City Council District 6

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The SVDC Search Committee will report the slate of nominees for the 2024 Executive Board and any additional nominations will be taken from the floor.  SVDC Executive Board elections will be held at the meeting on November 20.  Only registered SVDC Members in good standing are eligible for nomination and voting.



Olivia Navarro

Olivia Navarro has served as District 6’s Neighborhoods Commissioner since 2016. She is running for San Jose City Council in the same district that she was born, and where she’s raised her family.

As a community organizer, grassroots activist, and labor leader, Olivia has spent her adult life advocating on behalf of our families. She’s running to bring those same values to the San Jose City Council. Olivia will work to keep building an inclusive city for all: fighting for working families, affordable housing, and environmental protections.

Olivia was born and raised in District 6, and her family roots run deep in our neighborhoods. Her husband and she are now raising their three children in the very neighborhood they grew up in. Like most families here in Silicon Valley, they both work full-time, and have busy schedules that revolve around their kids. They are active parishioners of Saint Leo the Great Church and volunteer to organize Turkey Drives during the holidays.

On the San Jose City Council, Olivia will focus on attracting good-paying jobs and responsible economic development to the region, while addressing critical issues like affordable housing, living wages, homelessness, and public safety. Olivia is motivated to run for City Council because she wants her children – and all our kids – to live and grow up in the best San Jose possible.

“As a community advocate and local progressive leader, I have spent my adult life advocating on behalf of families. I’m running to bring those same values to the San Jose City Council. I will work to keep building an inclusive city for all, improve public safety, reduce blight, address the housing crisis, and prioritize policies that focus on the needs of our families. As your City Council Representative, my goal will be to make sure all of our voices are heard, and our concerns are taken seriously. I have seen this “can do” attitude work wonders in other communities and am looking forward to taking this next step together as a strong, vibrant community.”

Alex Shoor

Raised in Silicon Valley, Alex came home in 2012 after a dozen years away. Alex lives off The Alameda in San Jose and is active in his community, launching a farmers market in his neighborhood, teaching cooking classes to affordable housing residents, and founding the successful effort to get a San Jose street named after Barack Obama. He serves on the Advisory Board of the New Leaders Council’s Silicon Valley chapter and served two terms, including time as Chair, on San Jose's Housing and Community Development Commission. 

Alex Shoor is a civic entrepreneur and community advocate driven by two interconnected goals:

  • make Silicon Valley communities more equitable, affordable, vibrant, & sustainable, and
  • make government as responsive, cost-efficient, & innovative as possible.

Started in his living room in December 2016 with four people, Alex Shoor is the co-founder and Executive Director of Catalyze SV. In prior roles, Alex was a policy aide for Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager and Director of Government Affairs for a Bay Area nonprofit organization. Alex managed community engagement for the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) on extending its transit service in Silicon Valley and on California’s high-speed rail project. Before pivoting to policy, Alex worked in communications in New York City. He started his career as a political staffer on Capitol Hill and a grassroots organizer on a US Senate campaign in Alaska.

Alex studied Political Science and African American Studies while earning a BA from Vanderbilt University and holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California. 

Angelo Pasciuti

Born into a blended family in San Jose and the son of an immigrant, Angelo was taught to define his success by how much he could help those in his community. Compelled to defend his family, country, and the values he held dear, Angelo joined the Marine Corps three weeks after the attacks on 9/11.

Angelo participated in four tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting in some of the war’s most brutal battles. Angelo’s experiences during these deployments, including the death of close friends and comrades, cemented his steadfast belief in service to others before one’s self.

In the second half of his military career, Angelo shifted to the role of educator and operational architect. Through his unwavering belief in the ability of the next generation to be better than those who came before, he revolutionized Marine Corps education culture.

Angelo has an understanding - developed through hard-won experience - that the core of authentic leadership is grounded in a solid moral compass. Shaped by his family, values, and service to his country, his central principle of service over self is driven by a deep commitment to the greater community he continues to serve.

Democracy as a way of life
I firmly believe in the importance of a free and fair representation process where every voice is heard and valued.

Ensuring fundamental human rights
I am dedicated to ensuring that every individual has access to essential human rights such as education, healthcare, nourishment, housing, privacy, and the opportunity for upward mobility.

Embracing inalienable rights
At my core, I believe that every human being has the right to their own unique idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will champion individual freedoms while recognizing the importance of not infringing on the opportunities and rights of others.

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